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Advanced Computers is a full service IT Company. We empower our clients with solution and support they need to leverage technology for their business, data and voice IP services, as well as managed IT services including cloud computing, data centers, virtualization, security applications and support services.




The strategic use of automation allows us to protect your business from harm.

Business technology is the bane of the modern worker. No matter how well-intentioned the members of your staff are, when they have computer troubles, it complicates everything they are trying to accomplish. This, in turn, complicates every goal you are trying to accomplish.

The automation of IT service delivery gives you a direct line to a stronger business by streamlining the services that your customers rely on. This is accomplished by removing downtime from the equation, while also securing your data and protecting your infrastructure. Since we only automate repeatable and routine tasks, it makes it so we can provide a comprehensive IT management service for an affordable monthly rate.

What Can We Automate?

Many of the managed services we are responsible for can be automated, and many of them, in our opinion, work better as automated tasks.

By taking the human element out of the equation, the time-consuming tasks that humans could conceivably mess up are replaced with repeated perfection. So the first step for the company in search of leveraging automation for IT management, and for the right managed services provider, is to determine what tasks absolutely need to be automated in order to save capital. We will assess what kind of management your organization needs, and customize our powerful solutions to protect your business.

Some of the most common automated tasks from an MSP include:

  • Patch management
  • Backup management
  • Mobile device management
  • New hire management

The key to our automation is our enterprise-level Remote Monitoring and Management software (RMM). This includes pre-built automations and customizable options to build more services. In some cases, it’s as simple as clicking the options in a menu, but you have to know what systems you want control of, and what maintenance is required to keep those systems working efficiently. With RMM tools being managed by knowledgeable technicians, you will see a precipitous increase in IT availability, which will immediately decrease the amount of downtime your organization sees.

How You See Value From Automation?

When your technology breaks, you have to fix it. That much is understood.

What many business owners don't understand is that the costs that are really hurting their business are the ones that come from employee downtime. These costs add up quickly and can, depending on the problem, be a major reason your organization’s profitability wanes.

We use automation to ensure that your hardware is up and running properly, that your network is free of process-hindering threats, and that your software is current. These processes, if done manually, would cost you (and us) a fortune in man-hours. We have done the legwork to ensure your IT is stable and running efficiently, which leads to a stable and efficient business.

Advanced Computers is the solution your business needs to eliminate downtime. If you would like more information about automation, remote monitoring, or any of our other managed IT services, call us today at (516) 285-2224.

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The installation of a cable infrastructure that supports a wide range of voice and data communications equipment is substantially simplified with structured cabling. Whether it's wiring a skyscraper or putting a coaxial outlet in a home, all of the components must adhere to specific standards for electrical transmission, resistance, cable lengths, connectors, and cable fabrication. 

When employing the right diagnostic equipment, which is meant to be compatible with the ANSI/TIA-568.0/1 standards, structured cabling also helps in the troubleshooting of wiring defects. Structured cabling makes installation easier because the interfaces are standardized and often use snap-in connectors.

According to recent studies, failures in poorly designed and implemented cabling are very common and can be quite expensive. A dependable cabling infrastructure and its underlying networking equipment, designed and implemented on a thoughtful strategy is the foundation of an organization efficiency and productivity. Therefore, a wise investment in high quality cabling services is a must.That is where we come in with our optimal IT Solutions and unbeatable prices.

Advanced Computers provides a full range of IT infrastructure and network cable installation services for commercial and residential customers. We specialize in installations infrastructure of low voltage structured cabling for voice, data, wireless and video equipment. From the first day we opened our doors in 2001 until this very moment, our main priority has remained the same: to deliver exceptional quality IT solutions to New Yorkers at unrivalled prices.

Whether you are planning to relocate to a new office space or already have Cat5e cable installed and want to upgrade to higher speeds, we can assist you with all things related to Network Cabling Services from relocation and set up on your phone systems, including VOIP to computers network and much more.


Call us TODAY 516-285-2224 to book your FREE consultation and learn more about our  cabling services.



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Businesses are increasingly putting phone, data, and video applications on their networks in today's fast-paced work environments. The infrastructure that supports this communication technology must be functional at all times. While structural cabling accounts for a modest fraction of your entire network investment, it can account for approximately 80% of network efficiency. It's also the foundation upon which any company is built.

Structured cabling solutions can give much-needed benefits to organizations and data centers, despite the fact that cables and wires are usually buried behind walls. The system is put at risk without it, especially during maintenance. The following are some of the advantages of structured cabling:


Structured cabling standards assist companies in installing wiring in a way that keeps the entire wiring infrastructure structured, preventing messy tangles. As a result, there are fewer downtimes and lower chances for human error.


It will be simple to determine if there is an issue with the cable connections if something goes wrong in your network. If there is a problem with the wires, structured cabling allows you to quickly replace the defective cables.


With the rapid innovations in communications technology, having a system that is forward-adaptable is critical. Structured cabling solutions make this possible, making upgrades simple and low-risk to the infrastructure.


Moves, additions, and changes to the infrastructure can be implemented quickly without disorganized wires getting in the way. This reduces the risk of human error during repairs and updates, allowing for more efficient use of company resources and time.


Request a free site visit today for a structured cabling installation consultation that will help you in reaching your company's goals. CALL US NOW 516-285-2224




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Helpdesks include tools that provide context and insight into customer interactions. They also have tools that allow you to evaluate your support team's performance, ensuring that they are indeed efficient in supporting and satisfying clients. A helpdesk is the greatest place to start if you want to improve your customer service experience. As mentioned above, implementing a helpdesk can help in a variety of ways; nevertheless, let's take a closer look at each of these advantages individually.


If you provide support via several channels such as email, phone, live chat, messaging channels, or social media, a help desk will allow you to consolidate all of your support into one location. Nothing irritates a client more than starting in one location (such as chat or phone) and being shifted from one channel to the next, repeating themselves in order to get an answer. By keeping context when a customer moves channels, a helpdesk app allows you to provide a smooth multichannel service to your customers.


Customers hate waiting in lines, on the phone, or over email. Customers just want faster replies from businesses, and your support team can't afford to waste time switching tabs and categorizing enquiries before answering. A smart helpdesk ticketing system consolidates customer interactions into a single page, tags support tickets for a quick overview of the problem, and categorizes issues for agents to provide quick, effective support to consumers.


While a helpdesk system can automate time-consuming operations like ticket assignment, it may also lighten your team's load with basic but effective automation like assignment and process automation, as well as out-of-office autoresponders. Within your help desk, you may also create an internal knowledge base for agents to share information and resources, as well as communicate any changes or product updates to all employees. A smart help desk also boosts your team's effectiveness by promoting cross-team communication and keeping everyone on the same page at your global support desk.


Customers prefer self-service to interacting with agents, with 39% claiming that they can handle issues faster by looking for help on their own. A feature-rich help desk allows you to generate, manage, and consolidate support information directly from the tool. This documentation may be supplied with FAQs, guides, or tutorials and is a wonderful method to assist customers in finding solutions to their issues before they contact you. Access to your knowledge base's statistics also provides you with information on the most frequently searched inquiries and most viewed articles.


You can save all of your client information in one place and view everything a customer has asked you for in the past by using a helpdesk tool. No matter which team member interacts with the customer next, your team may pick up the conversation without any contradictions in context.


It's difficult to track the volume, type, and resolution rates of support requests if you just use personal or shared inboxes to handle client enquiries. This data is crucial since it allows you to track the performance of individual agents as well as your entire help desk team, as well as measure your support for future employees. Through big data and personalized reports, a helpdesk system could provide you with these details.


Your in-house staff can focus on other lucrative activities when an IT help desk handles all of your company's technological issues. This increased productivity results in more income, which helps the organization by reducing the expense of the IT help desk. Your staff benefits as well, because they are able to focus on what they were paid to do rather than dealing with technical support issues. While you may engage in-house specialists solely to provide technical help, full-time employees are more expensive than outsourcing IT support. Finding the correct type of IT professional for your company is often a hassle.

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How Managed Backup can enhance your IBM i Disaster Recovery Strategy | Data  Storage Corporation


The data in your firm is vital, and having proper backups is an essential component of keeping it safe. When calamity strikes, whether it's a hardware failure or a cyber attack, your organization will grind to a standstill unless you have the necessary strategies and data backups in place. One of the greatest methods to ensure that your organization has secure and reliable access to its data when the unexpected happens is to use managed backup solutions supplied by a managed service provider (MSP).


A managed backup is a sort of monitoring that is used to check that your company's backups are accurate. For this service, a small to medium business would typically engage with a managed service provider. Managed backups can also be used as a disaster recovery site, enabling you to restore your data and documents in case that your data is compromised.

We use a series of daily backup completion and weekly system checks as part of our managed backup services at Advanced Computers to ensure that all of your servers boot up effectively in a virtual environment. Depending on your organization's needs, we also provide a few different types of managed backups. These are some of them:

  • A server backup device that is installed on-site and subsequently backed up to a cloud data center
  • Cloud backup, which backs up all of your data and documents from a cloud service like Microsoft Office 365 to a remote location that is not connected to Microsoft servers.
  • Backups for remote users, where files are backed up locally to a cloud site from the remote user's laptop or PC.


Internal backup management is not only difficult and time-consuming, but it may also be costly. You'll need technical professionals on your team who understand the complexities of proper backups and who have the time to keep a keen eye on these systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Because most small and midsize enterprises lack these resources, they will frequently employ the services of a trustworthy IT partner for managed backup services.

When it comes to managed backups, these are just a few ways that an MSP can help your business.


Any company's IT planning should include disaster recovery. If your devices or servers have been attacked with ransomware, the first step is to take them offline and disinfect them. Then, from a backup, you'll need to restore your data and applications. That is why it is vital to have enough backups in place.

It's crucial to remember that ransomware and cyber attacks aren't the only threats to your IT infrastructure. Your equipment, servers, and data might be harmed by fire, natural disasters, or even vandalism. When managed backups are included in your disaster recovery and business continuity strategy, your organization may work remotely and access data and apps in the cloud, independent of the state of your physical facility.

At Advanced Computers we understand the ins and outs of the backup system, making the data recovery process go more smoothly. This saves you time, which is a huge plus when you're stuck.


Accidental data deletion is one of the most prevalent problems Advanced Computers encounters as a managed backup solutions provider. Businesses can restore essential files or applications that they have erased but still need access to thanks to our adequate backups.


When a server fails, it may be necessary to entirely rebuild it and restore it from a backup. Though this is a rare occurrence, it occurs frequently enough that enterprises should consider it when evaluating backup options. As your MSP, we will be able to restore the organization to where it was prior to the system breakdown using managed backup solutions.

Even if your company needs to purchase new equipment to replace the server, you'll be able to use the onsite backup equipment you've set up. Working with a managed backup service provider gives you the advantage of being able to immediately recover while minimizing downtime and lost productivity.


If your company relies on cloud-based technology to run its operations, you'll still need a backup solution to prevent data loss. Your MSP will back up any files, data, or apps you have in the cloud to an off-site cloud location as part of your managed backup services.

Let's imagine you utilize Microsoft Office 365 for sending and receiving email, as well as creating, saving, and sharing documents on SharePoint and OneDrive. Microsoft does not have a backup system in place, therefore there is no way to restore data if there is a problem with the system or if someone on your team deletes files by accident. You will, however, be able to access this information if you have a managed backup in place.


Managed backup services operate as a safety net for your business when it comes to downtime. They give your company the peace of mind of knowing that if something goes wrong, you'll be able to recover your data promptly. Managed backups not only safeguard your business from data loss, but they also help you avoid downtime and lost productivity.

At Advanced Computers, we build managed backup solutions on a case-by-case basis. Our ability to design each solution to match the specific demands of each firm is a result of our flexibility with our offerings. Our staff has also put all of the best-in-class tools we offer to the test to ensure that they suit the needs of our customers.


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