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Advanced Computers is a full service IT Company. We empower our clients with solution and support they need to leverage technology for their business, data and voice IP services, as well as managed IT services including cloud computing, data centers, virtualization, security applications and support services.

Proactively Manage Your IT so it doesn’t Manage You


Technology issues can break a business’s budget, especially if a proper IT monitoring and maintenance system isn’t in place. This leaves room for hardware failures, security breaches and other issues that can cost a small business owner a pretty penny to sort.

There’s a song that says “If I knew then, what I know now. I’d have found a way to make things work out somehow.” When you anticipate the issues that can arise with your IT structure, you are better able to manage them. A proactive approach to IT maintenance is therefore highly recommended to avoid spending more than is necessary on IT issues. However, many small and medium-sized businesses have difficulty justifying the expenses that an internal IT department brings.

A business that is highly dependent on efficient computerized resources MUST take a proactive approach to IT maintenance. Those businesses that aren’t prepared for the level of upkeep that a computing network demands will quickly find themselves overwhelmed.

Despite the difficulties that come with technology management, maintenance is an absolutely vital role that must be fulfilled in order to get the most from your hardware and software. Advanced Computers’ proactive Remote Monitoring and Maintenance solution is designed to mitigate these issues for small and medium-sized businesses, and make IT monitoring and maintenance more affordable. Here is the kind of mindset a small business owner needs to have in order to ensure your IT issues are minimal.

  • Regular System Updates and Patches

         Ensure your systems are always up to date.

Your staff or customers take advantage of several different kinds of software and applications that are critical to the day-to-day operations of your business. Updating all of these periodically can seem like a chore due to the seemingly random nature of patch releases and version updates. Attempting to update all of these on your own can be challenging and tedious, not to mention time-consuming. Furthermore, these patches and updates usually fix critical security flaws that need to be remediated in order to maintain optimal network security.

Instead of letting your team waste precious moments updating and installing software patches, Advanced Computers can do it all remotely. You’ll never have to worry about missing a critical software update again.

  • Comprehensive Remote Monitoring

Mitigate issues before they become problems

Many businesses tend to only fix their technology when there’s something wrong with it. This is called the break-fix IT model, and compared to Advanced Computers proactive IT model, it’s incredibly inefficient. When your technology is continuously being broken and fixed again, the resulting costs can be devastating; especially if they aren’t called for in your IT budget.

Advanced Computers’ remote monitoring solution is designed to detect potential issues in your organization’s infrastructure. This helps us repair and resolve the issue before it becomes a budget-breaking problem. Furthermore, we can prevent most instances of downtime by actively monitoring your network’s activity. As soon we detect a problem, we address it. In fact, these issues are often resolved before you even know they exist.Affordable Fixed Rates

  • Don’t let technology break your budget.

Too often, technology issues can break your business’s budget. This is primarily if your business isn’t anticipating issues, like hardware failure. These problems can be extremely costly, even though they can easily be prevented with proper upkeep and maintenance.

Advanced Computers offers a competitive fixed rate of $25 per computer per month, to monitor and maintain your IT system. We provide the proper upkeep and maintenance of your mission-critical systems and we function just like your internal IT department, but without the costly salaries. Even if your organization does have an internal IT department, we can work alongside them to perform the daily maintenance that they might not have time for. This helps them better innovate and provide new solutions for your business model.

  • Take a Proactive Stance Today

Avoid replacing and repairing broken technology by actively preventing it.

We know your organization doesn’t have time to worry about technology. Instead, let Advanced Computers handle it for you so you can concentrate on what matters most— your business. Give us a call today at (212) 532-9500 for a free consultation.

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$25 Can Reduce Your I.T. Stress


If you depend on technology to maximize the efficiency of your business, you may have had your fair share of horror stories, including downtime brought on by computer or network problems. Nobody wants to be stressed but when business owners who try to save on their IT spend are unable to fix the problem themselves, stress creeps in. You wouldn’t call a plumber to come in and fix your car right? Not that there aren’t some tech savvy people who can fix many things but IT issues are best resolved by IT people who know what to do, to not only resolve but to prevent recurrence of that problem. Small businesses that try to resolve IT issues themselves may pay a bigger price than the cost of an IT specialist, that is, loss of revenue and significant downtime in production hours.

Outsourcing your IT needs to a managed services provider is therefore a smart investment and it doesn’t need to be expensive or frustrating. When you hand over the management of your IT systems to a managed services provider, you eliminate the need to worry about losing valuable production time trying to be a jack of all trades when computers and networks fail. It is always better to prevent the problem rather than having to constantly react to it.

Advanced Computers managed IT services can help eliminate your company's technology-based headaches, starting at just $25 per computer per month. That’s less than half of the fee you are likely to pay for a doctor’s visit if you’re stressed.

Here’s why your business should consider using a managed services provider like Advanced Computers, to take care of your IT needs.

  • Budget Your IT Spend

Predictable IT budgeting with a flat-rate service plan!

With our highly affordable managed IT services, you will never have to worry about the expense of repairing a network or workstation problem again. Advanced Computers provides multiple IT services to help your business increase efficiency and deliver the peace of mind that goes hand-in-hand with optimal uptime. We can help put you in a position where your technology issues won’t stand in the way of your company’s profitability. These services are provided to you on a flat-rate, easy-to-budget plan, based on your needs. This results in value for you. No matter how costly the resolution to a technology-based problem is, you still pay a flat monthly fee. This allows what would normally be a capital expense, to become an affordable operational expense. We eliminate surprise computer repair costs that will invariably result in more attractive numbers on your bottom line.

  • Reduce Costly Downtime

Ensure your employees can focus on their task, and not your IT!

We don't have to stop what we’re doing to resolve your IT problems. Chances are, we've prevented them from happening. Using us as your complete IT technician can allow the people that make your organization run, be able to work without interruption from technical issues that plague less efficient companies. Our monitoring and maintenance services provide companies with avenues to be more efficient and exceed projections, which often leads to the potential for rapid growth.

We deliver efficiency! Since we catch most problems before they occur with our remote monitoring tool, there is no interruption of service and no downtime. When your software needs updating, it is done outside of regular business hours, ensuring your workstations are ready to go when your staff arrives for work.

  • Dependable Service

We are always there for you.

We all know that catastrophes can happen at any time. What do you do if you’re having a network issue and your administrator called out for the day? It's going to cost you in downtime! With Advanced Computers’ managed IT services and support, we wholeheartedly believe that you will see the value in our services in your operational efficiency. Our services pay for ourselves in uptime. This destruction of downtime will keep your business efficient and productive. Some of our managed services include:

  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Comprehensive IT Support
  • Vendor Management
  • Security Solutions
  • Help Desk with Experienced Technicians

As an Advanced Computers partner, you'll experience efficient and high-quality IT consulting and support.

To top it all off, Advanced Computers will give you 2 free hours of service FREE, to show you that there is a better way to solve those day-to-day I.T. issues that plague businesses of all sizes.  If you don't have an issue for us to resolve right away, that's fine; use your 2 free hours to have us run a full audit on your network infrastructure and map out any weak points, finding issues before they even occur.  That's the Advanced Computers Difference; proactive maintenance to prevent downtime.  We don't wait around for things to break; we keep your business up and running all day, every day.  Why experience a loss in productivity or get slammed with high computer repair bills?  We want you to expand and grow.

Our flat-rate service plan will deliver your company enterprise-level IT support and solutions that are tailor-made to relieve all of your organization’s technology-induced pain points.

Ready to reduce your stress levels and save while you are at it? Take a moment to fill out the form for a FREE consultation or give us a call at (212) 532-9500.


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Your Business Deserves a Good Surveillance Security System


When it comes to securing your business, it’s always better to try to prevent some things, rather than having to react to them. Regardless of the services you provide, your business is not exempt from being targeted so a good security surveillance system is highly recommended. It can mitigate armed robbery, save you money on your insurance, reduce pilferage and allow for rapid response in the event of an incident at your business place.

Choosing a security surveillance system can seem overwhelming to anyone, because of the wide range of options available in the market. There are so many different brands, sizes and resolutions to consider, along with other features such as motion and light detection.

You want to make sure that when choosing a digital surveillance option, you're not wasting money by purchasing unnecessary equipment, while at the same time, not inhibiting your ability to gain the security you are after. As with many of your technology needs, Advanced Computers can assist you with this. We've had enough experience in the industry to properly filter through the do's and don'ts, while still keeping future expansion in mind. 

While CCTV cameras were all the rave when they first came out, they are well known for their poor quality, especially the farther away the camera is from the object they are capturing. Getting a decent facial shot could be a challenge because of poor resolution.

Thankfully, advancements in digital photography has taken care of that issue. Some high-resolution cameras are now able to pick up even the text on a receipt from 30 feet away. With a Digital Surveillance solution from Advanced Computers,, you'll never have to worry about not being able to "see" the scene clearly. It will be as if you were there, watching it happen.

How would you like to eliminate the need to purchase and store your video tapes on a continual basis? Digital cameras and digital video recorders (DVR) take tapes right out of the equation. The digital cameras are constantly on and broadcasting to the DVR. The DVR sends its recordings over your secure network to your server where the files are then stored.

With built in analytics, your DVR can be programmed to only record when certain events are triggered such as an alarm goes off, motion is detected, specific times etc. This allows you the complete control over the image, and thus, the file size. You can also log into the system and access live footage remotely on your mobile device. Advanced Computers advises our clients on all options available, the best one for your business and consult with you on best practices for your business before we sign a contract to set up your surveillance system. For more information about our Security Camera solution or how Advanced Computers can present you with options to keep your business safe, call us today at (212) 532-9500.

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Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Referral Program


Word of mouth marketing is without a doubt one of the most cost effective marketing tools available to small businesses. What’s more powerful than a satisfied client advocating on behalf of your business? Now, think about the growth potential for your business when that one client refers a new prospect and that new prospect has the same great experience as the client who referred them? The snowball effect is limitless!

Referral marketing is not limited to any particular type of business, just about any business can benefit. Nothing works better in motivating people to sell your business than a referral program and it can be done without costing your business an arm and a leg. IT Managed Service Providers like Advanced Computers Incorporated know the power of referral marketing and we’re happy to share some of the key benefits with small businesses.

If you’re thinking about introducing a referral program for your business, congratulations! You are about to make a smart business move. Here’s why.

  1. Referrals Indicate Trust—A client referring a prospect to your business indicates that the client is happy with you and wants others to have the same great experience they had, doing business with you. The prospect is also more likely to believe they will get value for money, than if they had heard about you through a general advertisement.
  1. Expands Your Reach at Low Cost—One of the biggest marketing drawbacks for small businesses is budget. Many simply cannot afford the big spend that sometimes comes with trying to attract new customers. With referral marketing, others are selling your business, and you are building brand loyalty without having to spend a fortune on an advertising campaign. A referral program also allows you to reward people for what they actually do, rather than spend blindly on marketing with potentially little or no Returns on Investment.
  1. Customer Retention—It is much more expensive to get a new client than it is to retain a current one. When current clients are happy and satisfied they will not only stay but refer others. A referral program is therefore a great idea to encourage client loyalty and motivate current clients to help you grow your business. Everybody likes to get something in return for their efforts and a referral program does exactly that. Your reward to the customer doesn’t have to be money either, it can be in kind. Gift certificates are very popular rewards for referral programs. You can also partner with other businesses to promote their products and services by offering their products as reward through your referral program.

Now that we’ve told you why you should consider a referral program for your small business, you might want to check out Advanced Computers’ Referral Program. Be assured that after 17 years of expert professional service to clients ranging from top retailers to the federal government, we have built a solid reputation for being Quicker, Better and Smarter at managing IT services for small businesses. Send us a new client and get rewarded in various ways including cash and gift certificates. Click here to refer a client to us and get a $100 gift certificate plus a bonus reward today!

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Demand for Data Cabling Set To Increase Significantly


In 2016, the structured cabling market was valued at USD 7.7 billion, and this figure is set to increase exponentially by 2025. Experts are projecting that the cabling market will grow at an annual rate of 7.6% over the next seven years.

The growth projections are based on the rapid increase in the number of Internet users and use of digital services by businesses, which has resulted in increased volume of sensitive data collected by organizations. Structured cabling systems are utilized by many businesses to facilitate smooth network connection for the transfer of voice, video, and data signals from one point of the communication network to another.

Cabling not only facilitates data transfer at a faster speed but it helps enterprises to function more efficiently and allows for better time management. In today’s fast paced business environment, time is money, thus utilizing structured cabling allows businesses to automate critical functions, deliver services faster and more efficiently while saving time and resources.

A Grand View Research report indicates that the North American market for structured cabling has seen “a greater adoption of structured cabling systems across all verticals”, with the region adopting new innovative technologies from very early. This it says, is due to the presence of large technology players in North America and availability of better technology infrastructure and reliable network connectivity across the region.

Advanced Computers Inc., (ACI) is a leading provider of data cabling services in the New York Tri-State area. Although data cabling was not initially an area of focus for the company, it has become a high demand service for ACI over the last ten years. Our clients include many large retailers and the Federal government.

If you are launching a new project that requires data cabling services or perhaps you just need some help to expand or update your current data cabling system, Advanced Computers is ready to help you and there’s no need to worry about being charged, just for seeking our expert advice. We provide Free Consultation and 24-hour Live Help Desk Support!

Contact us now at (516) 285-2224 or (212) 532-9500. Our guarantee is that you will get your Data Cabling done Quicker, Better and Smarter.

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